Welcome to Horry County Schools SmartFind Express Substitute Management System. Please register via the telephone prior to using this system. The system number is 488-7005.


Substitute Statement of Intent Forms will NOT be issued for the 2015-2016 school year. If you were an active substitute last year, you will remain active for the 2015-2016 school year. You do not have to contact the Substitute Office; however, you must login to your SmartFind Express account and review/edit your current phone number, e-mail address, and any unavailable dates for the year.

If you continue as a substitute with the District you must complete your SafeSchools Training for Substitutes

If you do not wish to continue as a substitute with the district, please contact the Substitute Office by August 30, 2015. Your status will then be changed to inactive.

Substitute Office Contacts:
Valarie Bessant, Substitute System Manager
Phone and Fax: 843-488-6864
E-mail: vbessant@horrycountyschools.net

Barbara Bellamy, HR Clerk
Phone and Fax: 843-488-6851
E-mail: bbellamy@horrycountyschools.net

SafeSchools Training for Substitutes

Current Substitutes Webpage